Mutant Satoshi club is an art & innovation focused community

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The Tribe - Formation and Assembly

We aim to Empower worldwide unity, Growth, and innovation



Mutant satoshi club is more than just a NFT project this project will bring the world together 🧪🐼

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If you hold a MSC NFT you will be representing peace, unity, and family and you will know you're from the same tribe.

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We Are One Tribe meaning We are united trendsetters, willing to bet on ourselves, because we understand the gravity of the moment. We’ve been building Mutant Satoshi Club for months, and our goal from day 1 has been to make a positive change in the World
We have a great opportunity to do something great in this Space we all have the opportunity to build the next Marvel, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, ESPN, Tesla Etc using Blockchain technology.
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Mutant Satoshi's final form has yet to be revealed. The Honey Serum has been reconstructed and will be distributed to those who desire. The only thing that is certain is no one knows what will happen next.

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